What Clients Are Saying

Alex helped us close a purchase just before we were frustrated enough to give up, in the current market!

Alex is that kind of agent, who:
1. makes you think deeply on what you need indeed when looking for a property in the market
2. would REFUSE to take you to an open house if she thinks this property has too many hard problems so this won't help on your cause, and I loved it!
3. would respond very fast and quickly with professional advice during the whole process.
4. wants to help you to achieve your goal instead of just looking at the commission for profit.

I highly recommend Alexandra if you are looking for a house to buy in south bay area.

Tony Guan

We know Alex through our friend and feel very lucky to have Alex as our real estate agent. She is very professional: has strong knowledge and help us quickly figure out key merits and shortcomings for each property. We learn a lot from her during our home tours together, as well as from her calls, messages, and comments (which are always clear and informative). Moreover, she is very trustworthy: responsive to our questions all the time, and always help us arrange all the home tours in quite a short time — which makes our house hunting process really delight and efficient. We would like to highly recommend Alex to anyone who plan to do home purchase in the Bay Area!

Kate Hou

It's the 2nd time that my family worked with Alex on home purchasing. Unlike last time when we were searching for a condo/townhouse, this time we were searching for a single family home. Alex has spent much time educating us on how to read each document that buyers provided, and what needs to be paid attention to when reviewing a single family home. We were lucky to win the bid within the first 2 months searching. Alex also helped with the tight closing schedule to make it go smoothly. I would recommend Alex for those who want to buy a home in the bay area.

Luyao C

I worked with Alex on the purchase of my very first home. After talking to several other agents, Alex is the one of the most efficient and effective real estate agents around and will work with you to understand your specific housing needs and will make sure the house you buy will satisfy your main criteria. Alex has a keen understanding of the Bay Area housing market, and on top that she is very sharp and analytical and will provide you the advantages and disadvantages of each houses, simplifying the buying process. Alex saved me a lot of time and after we hone in on the house options. I feel confident about the decision I made with Alex's guidance and advices. And I highly recommend Alex to anyone who has been thinking of buying a home in the Bay Area for a while but unsure of their options. Alex will help you lay out your options and provide the best solution for you

Jia Xie

It was a pleasure for us to work with Alex on our home purchase. This is the second time we collaborated on home purchasing. She’s professional and has plenty of knowledge and experience on real estate and insights for the market. She’s also very hard working and very responsive. She’s willing to answer any questions very patiently and discuss pros/cons of each house we had considered just like a friend. With her help, we successfully purchased the right house for us in good price within one month. Given the current market situation, this is strongly exceeded our expectation. We'd like to recommend Alex to anyone who is interested in real estate.

Yanhan Hou

Ting is very knowledgeable, responsible and professional. With her help we have successfully purchased a home. The whole process was very smooth. Whenever we had any concerns or questions, she would respond very quickly and the information she provided helped us make final decision.

Sijia Tao

I was not sure if Ting was experienced when we chose her as our agent but now I am pretty sure she is. First three quarters of 2021 was not easy for us: find a new home, get loan approved, change lender in the contract, list the old one, buyer back off, find a new one and close all the deal. Without Ting's help and management it is impossible for us to finish all these. Her professional analysis and suggestion, resourcefulness and calmness under each situation helped us get this done. If you don't expect any situation during the transition, then an average agent would be good; if you want to make sure unexpected challenges are tackled, please find Ting.


It has been a great pleasure working with Alex and Ting on home selling. They managed every details with profession and responsiveness. Their rich experience and proactiveness are the keys to the smooth home selling. Thanks to their helping and marketing, the home was sold in a great price.

Weizhong Chen

Alex and Ting helped me sold my house with a very good price. They are very professional and responsive! They helped me with cleaning, staging, photos and so on. The open house was very successful, thanks to their patient and professional. They are always there when i have any question, and paid attention to every detail. Thank you Alexandra and Ting! You both are super Agents!

Shiyu Wang

Alex and Ting are super professional, responsive and efficient. They provide great insights on things we should do to the house for selling it at a better price, while at the same time save our expense wherever possible. They are always patient and responsive to resolve all of our questions and problems. Our house was in contract after only 6 days after listing, and the selling price is higher than what we expected. Highly recommend the team!

Jiansong Chao

Alex is an awesome realtor - professional by all means, easy to work with, super knowledgeable, and always incredibly helpful and supportive. We have worked with Alex multiple times on home purchasing over the past few years. Our most recent collaboration was during the COVID-19 period and Alex helped us buy our ideal home overcoming tons of challenges - highly volatile markets, scheduling lots of exclusive home tours, just to name a few. Alex's hard work made our purchase incredibly smooth and very successful. We are lucky to have Alex as our realtor and will definitely continue working with her in the future!

Haoming Li

We worked with Alex to buy our first home ever. The process is tough and had so many things to consider, Alex is always helping us and guide us through it, making it much simpler. She answered our questions and taught us some basics of home buying, provided the resources we needed, accurately captured what we want and ultimately recommended us the house we both love. She really helped us a lot making this decision. We are thankful for Alex's help, and would highly recommend Alex when you are thinking about buying a house.

Yuxiang Wang

My wife and I have been working with Alex for almost a year and finally got our first home! This is really an amazing and unforgettable experience in our life.
We know Alex from our friend and I truly recommend her as your realtor. She is so professional and patient. I believe she could greatly help you in the house hunting journey.
I still remember the first day we met her. She spent 2 hours helping us to understand the whole process to buy a house. We were not in a rush to buy a house and would like to browse various types of houses. In the following months, we visited lots of houses and she provided lots of insightful suggestions on the house location, condition, structure and many details to help us understand whether the house is a great fit but never pushes us. Another important thing is that she really understands the market well and can provide a reasonable suggestion about the price.
Beside those house hunting experiences, she is super helpful in loaning. She has helped us to connect with 5 loan agents from different banks and this helps us to get a good deal on the loan.
Overall, I highly recommend Alex to anyone who wants to buy a house in the bay area and would like to work with Alex again in the future!

Xiang Li

As a first time home buyer, there are lots of problems and challenges in such a competitive market in the Bay area. Luckily, Alex made them all looks easy for us. We got to know Alex from a friend's referral and had a wonderful experience in the house hunting journey with Alex as our agent.
Along the way, my husband and I were both really impressed by her profession and efficiency. First of all, She is extremely responsive which helps a lot in our house hunting. Thanks to her speed, we had chance to check many new released houses in person when they were just on the market for a day or two, and finally got our house with a preemptive offer. Besides, her expertise and knowledge in house condition and district surroundings have truly guided us to find the right fit based on our demand. Last but not least, she is also super helpful with the loaning process, she has a lot of connections to the loan agency, and handled the transaction of our case smoothly and efficiently.
If you are looking for professional, efficient agent, I have no doubt she will be the right one for you. Strongly recommend!

Xiumin Sun

Ting greatly helped us buying our dream home in Sunnyvale during the pandemic. Her experience and knowledge on the local market and area is crucial in finding the right home. More importantly, she is such trustful that you can fully rely on her. The whole buying process is super smooth without any hassle. She start with truly understanding our needs and budget. She guided us through several houses tours which provide very insightful information to us from all perspective. She never rush you for making decisions, instead, she always think from your side. She helped us make good offer strategy, negotiate, recommends the good mortgage officer and guided us through the entire process. We are lucky to have her as our agent and would like to highly recommend her to anyone who wants to purchase a house in the highly competitive housing market in silicon valley.

Shuxun Cao

Ting did a great job and helped me selling my home during the difficult pandemic time. She is professional and responsive and is also a nice person to work with. I have been out of the country the whole time and case was closed smoothly and successfully. I really appreciate all the work and effort we've put together. I recommend Ting to anyone who is looking for a realtor. :)

Siyao Lu

I know Ting by referral of a friend who is also a client of hers. After working with Ting as our listing agent, I would say Ting is absolutely the best. If you're looking for a reliable and trusted agent, Ting is the one. Ting is professional, insightful and responsive. She gave detailed advices and thorough analyses and followed up every potential buyer. Most of all, Ting delivered the best result beyond our expectation. We really appreciate Ting and would highly recommend her to anyone who deserves such a perfect agent.

Z Yu

Alex and Ting is the most professional real estate team we’ve ever worked with. They are honest, experienced, and hard working. They diligently followed up with the other agents and the process went very smoothly. I highly recommend Alex and Ting.

Sheng Wu

Ting and Alex helped us sell our Sunnyvale home and it was an absolute breeze from the start.
They suggested some small aesthetic changes before selling the home and we were impressed how detail oriented and thorough they are with their work.
They were always available for our questions/concerns and guided us through every step of the process.
Both are extremely knowledgeable of the housing market and its reflected in their interactions.
Our home was sold off while we were living in the house thanks to their extensive network of clients.
We look forward to our buying process and future transactions with them.
Highly recommended!

Namrata Shetty

Alexandra is very professional and experienced. We went through a very smooth process as first time home buyers. Alexandra is very proactive and responsive, providing very helpful insight and advice throughout the whole process.

Alexandra is highly skilled and really knows the housing market, especially the bay area. Buying a property is never an easy thing, there are so many aspects to consider, but she can always give us the best advice and find the perfect fit for you. She also plans everything ahead and knows the answer even before you ask your questions.

Buying a property is also a complicated task. There are many potential risks. Each risk can possibly turn the transaction into a nightmare. I am glad and grateful that we have Alexandra as our agent. She is so knowledgeable and resourceful. She can always get my issue and crisis resolved efficiently and smoothly.

We never expected we can buy our first home in such a short time and supper efficiency. The market changes super quick and you will miss the ideal home very easily, also if you take more than one month for the whole home buying process you will be exhausted. We are very glad we have Alexandra working with us this time, and we will ask her help for our next time home purchasing.

Alexandra is very professional, and I really enjoyed working with her. I would like to recommend her to anyone who's interested in home purchase!

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Yingzi Zhang