What Clients Are Saying

Alexandra is very professional and experienced. We went through a very smooth process as first time home buyers. Alexandra is very proactive and responsive, providing very helpful insight and advice throughout the whole process.

Alexandra is highly skilled and really knows the housing market, especially the bay area. Buying a property is never an easy thing, there are so many aspects to consider, but she can always give us the best advice and find the perfect fit for you. She also plans everything ahead and knows the answer even before you ask your questions.

Buying a property is also a complicated task. There are many potential risks. Each risk can possibly turn the transaction into a nightmare. I am glad and grateful that we have Alexandra as our agent. She is so knowledgeable and resourceful. She can always get my issue and crisis resolved efficiently and smoothly.

We never expected we can buy our first home in such a short time and supper efficiency. The market changes super quick and you will miss the ideal home very easily, also if you take more than one month for the whole home buying process you will be exhausted. We are very glad we have Alexandra working with us this time, and we will ask her help for our next time home purchasing.

Alexandra is very professional, and I really enjoyed working with her. I would like to recommend her to anyone who's interested in home purchase!

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Yingzi Zhang

I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with Alex. As a first-time buyer, my knowledge of the housing market in the Bay area is 0. Alex is very knowledgable, professional, and patient. Whenever we ask a question, we always get detailed and timely responses. She built a series of learning sessions with us to share her knowledge and experience when we were looking for a house together. I remember one time she spent 4 hours at night teaching us how to read disclosures and she went page by page and let us know what we should pay attention on. Alex understands her buyers' needs and always takes initiative to protect her buyers and maximize her buyers' interests. In addition, Alex provided tremendous help to us even after the house is closed. She prepared a list of stores to shop for remodeling materials, furniture, and shared a moving-in checklist with us. We have never asked those effort but she did just to make our entire process easy and smooth. I highly recommend Alex if you are looking for an awesome and professional agent to work with!

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Caroline Yan

Ting was very great to work with. I know Ting for over 10 years since we worked in the same semi-conductor company. She was very incredibly patient with me and my indecision. I had many specific details of the house I was looking for. It took about 10 months and finally, I got my dream home in December 2016. I couldn’t thank Ting and her team enough! Ting also helped me sell my old house in February 2017. I was happy with her advice on less-expensive staging and it was sold within less than a week after 1st open-house weekend. I was very impressed with her knowledge of the market, honest opinions, and her attention to detail and follow-through were outstanding. I would recommend Ting to anyone looking to buy and sell a house.

(from Zillow)

Nutcha - happy seller

I first found Ting from WeChat. I noticed her regular updates on real estate, and I found them insightful. So I connected with her. Last year, I bought my first condo in Milpitas with her help. Since then, she has been constantly helping me with so many things. She helped me negotiated the rent increase with the tenants, she helped me find a handyman to fix the problems, she guided me how to pay property tax bills and HOA dues… Every time I call her for help, she always comes up with a good solution quickly. She is always professional and calm. I trust her wholeheartedly. She’ll always be my go-to person for anything house related. (from Google)

Mingchun Lei - happy buyer

- Alex is a professional. She understood our needs since our first conversion and stayed with it throughout our home hunting process. She never put pressure on us, but instead reassured us that we should take our time and be patient. For the houses we were interested in, she proactively engaged with the listing agent and passed on useful information that greatly helped us in decision making. I saw a few emails that Alex sent to the listing agent for passing on our requests, and I'd say they were right at the point and super professional.
- Alex is knowledgeable. During each open house that we went to, she was able to point out the strengths and issues of the house and explain which issues are fixable and which are not, including location, room layout, structure, etc. She also provided valuable insights regarding the housing market when I asked, which were especially helpful during this ever-changing time.
- Alex is patient. Knowing that we had trouble reading the home disclosure, she spent 3 hours (9 pm to 12 am) with us going over the first disclosure we got. She patiently explained all the details that we cared about, and it was a great learning experience for us.
- Alex has great networking. Her network spans across various professions related to home buying: lenders in >= 5 banks, home designer, contractor, property management, etc. This made our lives a lot easier. She even had previously worked with the listing agent of the house we finally purchased, and the listing agent mentioned that the previous good working experience with Alex played a role in helping the seller finally select our offer.
- Alex is experienced. After we sent the earnest money deposit and clock for closing started to tick, we realized (almost incidentally) the actual size of the house is noticeably smaller than the size in the county record. At this surprising and frustrating moment, Alex made it clear that this is uncommon and we should feel empowered to make a request. She then acted as a guide in our thinking process and let us decide on what to request. In the end, with her help, we got a quick and satisfying resolution on this.

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Tianqiang Liu - happy buyer

I highly recommend Alex! She is super knowledgeable about the bay area housing market and she can always tell us the pros and cons of the house clearly during each open house visit. Every time after an open house visit, we felt we learned a lot. Alex is also super hard-working. I still remember she worked till midnight to help us counteroffer with LA. Because of her 10yr+ engineer experience, she has strong logical thinking and has established a systematic working style. She can always answer your questions and provide you with resources very quickly. The best part I like about doing business with Alex is, she always put herself into our shoes and helped us save money just like she was buying her own house. Overall, I think it is hard to imagine a better agent than Alex. You won't regret doing business with her.

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Yunhan Wang

Alex is your go-to guy when it comes to.....well pretty much everything real estate related. Alex helped us all the way from taking us to house tour, going over the disclosure in GREAT DEPTH, communicating with seller..... most importantly, we got the house without hassle. She's super knowledgable, accountable, and detailed oriented.

If you are buying your first house and you don't know where to start, Alex is the true professional who definitely give you peace of your mind.


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Yiting Yu - Happy Buyer

Ting helped us selling our house in San Jose. We were most impressed by Ting’s strong negotiation skills and her outstanding capability as a listing agent. She coordinated with all the tradespersons and turned our messy house into a light and bright attractive house in less than 2 weeks. My son’s playdate came to visit the open house, and he said “It looks like a totally different house!” She attracted a lot of visitors in the open house. She does her own open house so she could meet the potential buyers face to face, and this helps when we pick the new owner for our house. In the slow market that we were in, she got an offer for us just two days after the open house, with the price above listing! We were amazed. When we were debating if we should accept the offer as is or asking for a little more, Ting offered to negotiate with the buyer's side. She managed to get us $25,000 more! The whole process went very smoothly and we closed in less than 3 weeks! This cannot happen without her doing all the work right. (from Zillow)

Ye Li - Happy Seller

Ting helped us found a house by understanding well about our family needs and favors meeting with our financial status.

She is always patient and willing to help. She is very experienced, professional, and trustworthy and we took her advice seriously. We sincerely appreciate her help.

Good person to work with. (from Google)

Wei Zhu - happy buyer

I heard about Alex from friends and now I did have a really smooth home-buying experience with her! She’s really professional, proactive, patient and super helpful!
At the house hunting stage, Alex frankly pointed out all problems of the house as well as the sweet spots in each house tour. She’s so experienced that she can even tell from photos, which saved me lots of time from unnecessary tours. Alex never pushed me, she just explained all facts and let me decide. When making an offer, Alex proactively contacted the listing agent/seller introducing me and pitching the idea that I would be the most suitable buyer for them. What I've appreciated most is that Alex has a great sense of the housing market and provided me great suggestions on a fair offer price. I feel so lucky choosing her as my agent and excited to get my first home with her help! She cares about me as a person, we’re more like friends than agent-and-buyer. I would definitely recommend her to friends!

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JC Ye - Happy home buyer