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What Clients Are Saying

Alexandra is very professional and experienced. We went through a very smooth process as first time home buyers. Alexandra is very proactive and responsive, providing very helpful insight and advice throughout the whole process.

Alexandra is highly skilled and really knows the housing market, especially the bay area. Buying a property is never an easy thing, there are so many aspects to consider, but she can always give us the best advice and find the perfect fit for you. She also plans everything ahead and knows the answer even before you ask your questions.

Buying a property is also a complicated task. There are many potential risks. Each risk can possibly turn the transaction into a nightmare. I am glad and grateful that we have Alexandra as our agent. She is so knowledgeable and resourceful. She can always get my issue and crisis resolved efficiently and smoothly.

We never expected we can buy our first home in such a short time and supper efficiency. The market changes super quick and you will miss the ideal home very easily, also if you take more than one month for the whole home buying process you will be exhausted. We are very glad we have Alexandra working with us this time, and we will ask her help for our next time home purchasing.

Alexandra is very professional, and I really enjoyed working with her. I would like to recommend her to anyone who's interested in home purchase!

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Yingzi Zhang

Alex is your go-to guy when it comes to.....well pretty much everything real estate related. Alex helped us all the way from taking us to house tour, going over the disclosure in GREAT DEPTH, communicating with seller..... most importantly, we got the house without hassle. She's super knowledgable, accountable, and detailed oriented.

If you are buying your first house and you don't know where to start, Alex is the true professional who definitely give you peace of your mind.


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Yiting Yu - Happy Buyer