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I heard about Alex from friends and now I did have a really smooth home-buying experience with her! She’s really professional, proactive, patient and super helpful!
At the house hunting stage, Alex frankly pointed out all problems of the house as well as the sweet spots in each house tour. She’s so experienced that she can even tell from photos, which saved me lots of time from unnecessary tours. Alex never pushed me, she just explained all facts and let me decide. When making an offer, Alex proactively contacted the listing agent/seller introducing me and pitching the idea that I would be the most suitable buyer for them. What I've appreciated most is that Alex has a great sense of the housing market and provided me great suggestions on a fair offer price. I feel so lucky choosing her as my agent and excited to get my first home with her help! She cares about me as a person, we’re more like friends than agent-and-buyer. I would definitely recommend her to friends!

(from Google)

JC Ye - Happy home buyer

Ting helped us found a house by understanding well about our family needs and favors meeting with our financial status.

She is always patient and willing to help. She is very experienced, professional, and trustworthy and we took her advice seriously. We sincerely appreciate her help.

Good person to work with. (from Google)

Wei Zhu - happy buyer