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I first found Ting from WeChat. I noticed her regular updates on real estate, and I found them insightful. So I connected with her. Last year, I bought my first condo in Milpitas with her help. Since then, she has been constantly helping me with so many things. She helped me negotiated the rent increase with the tenants, she helped me find a handyman to fix the problems, she guided me how to pay property tax bills and HOA dues… Every time I call her for help, she always comes up with a good solution quickly. She is always professional and calm. I trust her wholeheartedly. She’ll always be my go-to person for anything house related. (from Google)

Mingchun Lei - happy buyer

- Alex is a professional. She understood our needs since our first conversion and stayed with it throughout our home hunting process. She never put pressure on us, but instead reassured us that we should take our time and be patient. For the houses we were interested in, she proactively engaged with the listing agent and passed on useful information that greatly helped us in decision making. I saw a few emails that Alex sent to the listing agent for passing on our requests, and I'd say they were right at the point and super professional.
- Alex is knowledgeable. During each open house that we went to, she was able to point out the strengths and issues of the house and explain which issues are fixable and which are not, including location, room layout, structure, etc. She also provided valuable insights regarding the housing market when I asked, which were especially helpful during this ever-changing time.
- Alex is patient. Knowing that we had trouble reading the home disclosure, she spent 3 hours (9 pm to 12 am) with us going over the first disclosure we got. She patiently explained all the details that we cared about, and it was a great learning experience for us.
- Alex has great networking. Her network spans across various professions related to home buying: lenders in >= 5 banks, home designer, contractor, property management, etc. This made our lives a lot easier. She even had previously worked with the listing agent of the house we finally purchased, and the listing agent mentioned that the previous good working experience with Alex played a role in helping the seller finally select our offer.
- Alex is experienced. After we sent the earnest money deposit and clock for closing started to tick, we realized (almost incidentally) the actual size of the house is noticeably smaller than the size in the county record. At this surprising and frustrating moment, Alex made it clear that this is uncommon and we should feel empowered to make a request. She then acted as a guide in our thinking process and let us decide on what to request. In the end, with her help, we got a quick and satisfying resolution on this.

(from Google)

Tianqiang Liu - happy buyer